Here’s why your interpreter needs an ISO booth

Are you in charge of organising an upcoming conference? Whether it’s local or global, to ensure it runs smoothly, it’s important to use professional conferencing equipment. This is especially important if you are utilising the services of professional interpreters who will need the best possible equipment to do their jobs well. This includes an ISO interpretation booth.


What is an interpretation booth?
An interpretation booth is used at translation events, like conferences, to create an ‘acoustic separation’ (a form of sound barrier) between the different languages spoken simultaneously, as spoken by presenters and relayed by interpreters operating in the same venue. These booths can be fixed or mobile, depending on the event needs.

What is an ISO interpretation booth?
ISO stands for International Organisation of Standardisation – ISO standards are recognised and implemented worldwide and exist to ensure reliable, safe, quality products. ISO interpretation booths comply to these standards which include parameters for booth construction, dimensions, lighting, venue placement, and safety measures.

The standards used in designed and building an ISO booth ensure better working conditions for interpreters using the booth and a better overall experience for users of the simultaneous interpretation services that are facilitated by the booth.

Types of ISO booth
There are two types of ISO certified booths on the market:

  • Fixed booths for simultaneous interpretation as per ISO 2603:1998.
  • Mobile booths for simultaneous interpretation as per ISO 4043:1998.

The ISO 4043 booth is an adaptation of the ISO 2603 version. It has been designed to meet the needs of transport and handling of mobile booths for hire, for example, for once-off use or for venues not equipped with built-in booths. As a free-standing unit, it is assembled from modular parts, can be dismantled and moved, but is still strong enough to isolate interpreters from the sound proceedings in the room.

All ISO booths need to allow for:

  • Acoustic separation during simulations interpretation.
  • Good visual and two-way communication between speakers in the meeting and interpreters working inside the booth.
  • Adequate working conditions for interpreters who often have long days working within the confines of the booth.
  • In the case of mobile booths – lightweight, yet sturdy construction for ease of mobility.

Need an ISO booth?
Do you need to hire a ISO booth for your next big conference or do you need one installed in your venue? Or any other conference or interpretation equipment? We will make sure you have the right equipment for your needs and our dedicated technicians can offer support for set-up and use to ensure your delegates enjoy a hassle-free conference experience.
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