What a day!

We are so grateful for the many orders we have received in our manufacturing sector for our ISO booths. In addition this week, we had to coordinate an upcoming interpreting conference in Krugersdorp. As in most companies, there are deadlines to meet and the pressure is ON! Today was one of those days… One staff member sick in bed and another visiting family in Mozambique – the rest of us had to stretch our skills to ensure success was achieved!

With much sweat in the Durban heat, our National Coordinator and Sales Manager were getting stuck in in the workshop to assist with manufacturing. Our Managing Director was giggling to herself as she watched everyone step out of their normal duties with such devotion – this is team work she thought. At one point, we had the gents shirtless and downing gallons of water to maintain their energy and try keep cool. The MD’s giggles and teasing soon faded as she realized that she was the only person available to count, clean and organize all the Radio Interpreting System equipment for the upcoming conference!

I am thrilled to say that our targets were reached, the day finally ended, and we celebrated with some cold bubbly in the relaxing aircon. It is very exciting to see your strong team at work, who’s greatest desire is to go above and beyond what is expected and ensure our clients get the best service possible.

What a day… But more to the point, what a team!