Organising a conference? Why you need to leave your AV System concerns to the experts.

Organising a conference can be a stressful undertaking – from the venue to catering for delegate needs, there are so many elements that need to come together to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully.

While you may have different requirements depending on the kind of conference you are organising, one thing is for certain – without well-functioning AV equipment, the event will be doomed to fail. AV equipment is an essential part of the communication process, especially when dealing with the professional delivery of presentations to a large group of delegates.

If you are hiring a venue, you might be offered the in-house AV equipment. Even this seems like a simple solution, it might not be the best choice. Leave all your AV concerns to an expert outsourced team, rather than trying to manage it yourself or with the help of perhaps unexperienced venue staff.

Here are 3 reasons to leave your AV concerns to experts:

1. Access to the latest technology


Suppliers that specialise in AV equipment constantly purchase new equipment, or update their existing equipment with new technology. This means you will be working with the latest technology on the market, as well as technology that is regularly maintained and, therefore, less likely to malfunction during use. If you don’t need the latest technology, AV specialists will have different options on hand so you will find what best suits your needs rather than having to make do with what is available at the venue.

2. Support from those in the know

Unlike venue staff who may have other jobs to do (and conferences to manage) at the same time as yours, hiring an outsourced expert means you will have dedicated support for the set-up and duration of your event. This can help to greatly reduce your stress levels as you can rest assured that the experts will make sure all your AV needs are met and a back-up plan is in place. If they are properly certified and accredited, AV specialists will also be familiar with the equipment which translates into faster turn-around time should a problem occur.

3. No hidden costs

An expert supplier will be able to give you a thorough quote detailing set-up and running costs before your event. This way, you will know upfront exactly what you are paying for. When you work with an in-house system, you might find yourself presented with a surprise invoice at the end of your event for unexpected technical support or extra equipment you were not aware you needed when venue costs were first discussed.

Our expertise and experience will ensure that your AV and communication needs are taken care of so that your conference is conducted in the most professional manner possible. Now, that’s simply good business practice!

Save time, money, and reduce your stress levels – hire an expert team to set up and manage the AV System part of your event.

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