Interpreter | Translator: African Presidential Round Table 2013

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thabombeki-frenchinterpreter-portugueseinterpreter-africaroundtable2013 IEBE provided French and Portuguese Interpreters and Conference Equipment to the African Round Table 2013 held in Constitution Hill, Johannesburg. Speakers included were Former South African President Thabo Mbeki, Karl Offman – Former VP of Mauritius and Ambassador Stith.

Well, what an amazing meeting it was at Constitution Hill Johannesburg.  With Mauritian vice president Mr Karl Offman, the great champion of the event and the presence of Thabo Mbeki, Ambassador Stith and former heads of states, this was only the second meeting ever on the topic of Africa where I got out feeling inspired and full of hope.



Although it would be inappropriate to discuss their deliberations on this blog as stipulated by the interpretation code, I can confidently say: YES, we do have important figures around us who have a real burden for Africa and YES, there are reasons to be upbeat about our country and even more so, Africa. There might not be many of them but the key is that those few are breeding a new African consciousness within the young generations of africans, those who have the blessed opportunity to be educated in many African countries where education is still perceived as a threat by the leading party.  And this is happening just at the right time when investors the world around are turning their eyes towards… Africa.

Observation:  Africa has 30 to 50 very exciting years ahead of her in a time where there seems to be very little answers coming from the States or from Europe.

Thought:  Let’s invest our talents right here!