Hiring a PA system? Here’s what you need to know.

If you have decided to rent a PA system (or any other audio or visual equipment), instead of purchasing one, it is important that you handle, set up, and use it properly to protect it from damage and ensure it performs properly.

A PA system that doesn’t work or gives problems can be embarrassing and a waste of time, especially in a packed conference venue where professional sound is essential.

Here are some top tips on selecting and handling your hired PA system for optimal performance:

1. Hire the right equipment for your needs – inform the supplier of venue and audience size, as well as microphone choice (depending on your presenters’ needs).



2. Use high quality appropriate cabling – you can normally get this from the supplier.

3. Position the speakers at the correct distance from each other, facing the audience, to avoid feedback.

4. Securely elevate the speakers (the lowest point should be at head height) so that they transmit sound more clearly and efficiently, and make sure that the sound is not blocked or absorbed by other objects.

5. Make sure that the speakers are in front of open stage microphones and not the other way around. This is essential to reducing the risk of feedback.

6. Always perform a sound check (including a mic check) before your event. Follow the instructions on the equipment and remember that all your volume controls should be turned down on both the power amp and mixer before you switch them on. A power surge will cause the speakers to make a popping sound and this could do significant damage to the equipment. Also keep in mind that a room full of people is much noisier than the empty room you’re probably testing in.

A word of warning – you should always hire equipment from a reputable, accountable supplier who will deliver the best they have to offer. This will ensure that the AV aspect of your event runs smoothly.

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